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PE “Roads of Serbia”


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Design and Construction Works on Belgrade Bypass Section A, Batajnica – Dobanovci

The section A of the Belgrade city Road Bypass has a connection with the existing E75 (Hungary/Novi Sad) at Batajnica, which is on the western end of the city. The section A route proceeds in the southern direction to join the existing E70 highway (from Italy and Austria via Zagreb, Croatia) at the interchange at Dobanovci. The Works are constructed under two Yellow FIDIC Work Contracts as follows:

  • Lot A1 – Design and Construction of “Batajnica” Interchange, km 184+738 – km 188+680, and
  • Lot A2 – Design and Construction of Motorway E75 alignment, km 188+680 – km 194+782.

Total cost estimate funded through an EIB loan to PE “Roads of Serbia” for Lot A1 is 60 M Eur. Total cost estimate funded through an EBRD loan to PE “Roads of Serbia” for Lot A2 is 55 M Eur.

IRD Engineering provided supervision services in accordance with Yellow FIDIC and with the requirements of the Serbian Law on Construction.