Project Details

Road Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Construction Works for Upgrading the E-60 Highway, Zemo Osiauri – Chumateleti

In this challenging project a team of IRD Engineering is supervising the construction of a new 4-lane cement concrete highway, 14 km in length, between Zemo Osiauri and Rikoti. The contract is divided in two lots, one financed by the EIB and the second by the WB.

IRD Engineering performs the following activities:

  • Road Safety (design) Audit;
  • Review and Update of the Detailed Design Documents;
  • Preparation of the Supervision Manual;
  • Supervision of all Works;
  • Road Safety Audit (post construction);
  • Outstanding Works and Defect Rectification;
  • Site Handover;
  • Contract Administration;
  • Verification of Executed Works during Defect Notification Period.