Project Details

Direction Générale des Ponts et Chaussées


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Road Corridors Rehabilitation – Technical Assistance on Output and Performance-based Contracting (OPRC) for Roads Maintenance

The project sustained the reform of the Ministry of Equipment concerning the management of the road network and the public investment plan. This part was subdivided into two sub-parts:

(A) Subpart 2.1: Procurement of laboratory and measuring equipment.

(B) Subpart 2.2: Institutional Development of the DGPC via

  • Implementation of decision support tools (Pavement Management System) improving the programming and allocation of budgetary resources, which are the subject of these Terms of Reference;
  • Introduction of performance contracts;
  • Training for both Public and Private Sector employees (Road Works).

The objectives of the consulting services were as follows:

  • Analysis of the current legal institutional framework of the road sector, as well as current public procurement rules, and identification of any necessary adaptations for the introduction of maintenance performance contracts, in particular performance-oriented contracts;
  • Study of the market for maintenance work, as well as the current technical and financial capacity of the DGPC, the companies and other economic players to intervene in the various routine maintenance tasks, according to the regions;
  • Development of specifications, indicators and remuneration mechanisms for routine maintenance work for application in performance contracts, including pavements, shoulders, routine drainage and Vegetation, signage and routine maintenance of structures;
  • Study of possible sections for a performance contract and study, review and prepare a standard contract for 4 pilot sections;
  • Providing training on the implementation and management of performance contracts.