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Albanian Road Authority


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Result-Based Road Maintenance and Safety Project – Monitoring and Supervision of the Four Output-and-Performance-Based Road Maintenance Contracts

The Government of the Republic of Albania received financing from the World Bank towards the costs of implementing a Results-Based Road Maintenance and Safety Project (RRMSP), which addresses the maintenance needs of the high-traffic sections of the National Road Network. It is carried out by rolling out 5-year performance based maintenance contracts designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of road maintenance operations.

The project covers about 1,332 km of roads, and aims to attract both international capability and the best regional and local experience. The contracts are monitored and supervised by one Monitoring Consultant (IRD Engineering) for all the aspects related to:

  • (i) Rehabilitation works
  • (ii) Improvement works
  • (iii) Routine maintenance
  • (iv) Periodic maintenance
  • (v) Winter maintenance
  • (vi) Emergency works
  • (vii) Road safety audits