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EU Delegation to Serbia


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Engineering Design

Preparation of Design and Tender Documents for Zezelj Bridge Reconstruction Project

The bridge, located on the Corridor X of the Pan-European transport network, was one of three crossings of the River Danube in Novi-Sad. The railway line is the main line from Novi-Sad to Belgrade and forms part of Corridor X. The road that crosses the bridge was formerly the main highway from Novi-Sad to Belgrade.

The bridge was destroyed in 1999 and since 2000 a temporary bridge had been in place adjacent to the original bridge.

IRD Engineering performed the detailed design for the new Zezelj Bridge in Novi Sad utilizing existing foundations and consisting of two steel arches in the range 150–200 m with an overall length of 500 m.

Tender documents were also prepared to enable procurement of the construction of the new bridge. Topographical, Hydraulic, Geotechnical and Structural surveys were to be arranged early in the contract to provide necessary data to determine the adequacy of the existing foundations to carry the new bridge.

The consultant arranged overall project coordination and obtained all necessary approvals and permissions to allow construction phases.