Project Details

Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR)

North Macedonia

Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

National Roads Programme – Project Implementation Unit Support

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) h provided a loan to the Macedonian Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR) for the construction and upgrading of four national road sections.

The Project was divided in two tranches, as follow:

  • Tranche 1: Reconstruction and widening of the section Stip – Kocani of National Road (NR) A3 (approx. 27 km) and Construction of the section Raec – Drenovo of NR A1 (approx. 10 km);
  • Tranche 2: Construction of the section Trebenista – Struga of National Road A2 (approx. 8km); Construction of the section Ohrid – Pestani of National Road A3 (approx. 12km).

There are three key objectives for this assignment. The first objective was to assist PESR in developing a suitable contractual structure for the combined construction and maintenance contract for the Stip-Kocani section. The second objective was to ensure that all procurement activity under the project is conducted fully in accordance with the EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PPRs). The third key objective was for the Consultant to support the PIU during contract implementation.

An additional aspect of the assignment was the transfer of knowledge and skills to the PESR PIU staff, intended to result from collaborative working between the Consultant and the PESR PIU staff.