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Practice Area:
Water and Municipal Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Management and Supervision of the FIDIC Type Civil Works Contracts for the Project Component “Construction of the Main Sewerage Collector in Mogilev Town”

The Objective of the Project was to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of water supply and sewage water treatment services in 6 (six) oblasts of the Borrowing Country. The Water Supply and Sanitation Project was a part of the National Program “Clean Water” supply and sanitation in the Republic of Belarus.

The “Construction of the Main Sewerage Collector in Mogilev Town” was aimed at improving performance reliability and carrying capacity of the main public sewer through laying a new line of sewerage collector of increased carrying capacity in parallel with the already existing main sewerage collector.

The new collector is 3.1 km long and has a diameter of 2 meters, with 20 chambers. The works have been executed with open cut method for 55% and with micro-tunneling for 45%. The Collector starts at connection with the existing diam. 1,400mm main collector and passes in parallel to it. The old main collector will be left operational as a reserve. All sewers, including surrounding municipal and also diam. 1250mm collector from opposite bank of the River Dnepr will be connected to the Collector. The total capacity of the Collector is estimated at Q=160,000.0 m3/day.

Overall value of the works: USD 9,395,282.