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Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

FIDIC Engineer (incl. Design Review) for the Rehabilitation of 6 Slopes and Urgent Measures on the Rehabilitation of 5 Concrete Prestressed Bridges on the Vrbnica – Bar Railway Line – Supervision of Rehabilitation of Tunnel no. 206

The project consisted on the supervision (incl. Design Review) of the Rehabilitation of 6 Slopes, and Urgent measures on the rehabilitation of 5 concrete prestressed bridges on the Vrbnica-Bar railway line in Montenegro, for the following sections of railway:

a) Location Lutovo – Bratonozici – 6 slope stabilization:

km 369+424 – km 369+979; km 373+344 – km 374+189; km 375+386 – km 376+267;

km 377+069 – km 377+631; km 378+176 – km 378+326; km 378+524 – km 378+750.

Works on: preliminary and finishing works; earthworks; metal works and steelworks; plain and reinforced concrete works; reinforcement works; sundry works; and other works to be foreseen and proposed by the tenderer.

b) Location Sjerogoste – Bijeli Potok – Rehabilitation of 5 concrete prestressed bridges:

Bridge No. 40 at km.332+327,76; Bridge No. 42 at km.332+748,66; Bridge No. 47 at km.338+952,47;

Bridge No. 52 at km.344+143,98; Bridge No. 53 at km.345+767,98.

Works on: Strengthening of the prefabricated prestressed girders, Rehabilitation of longitudinal carbonated cracks along the path of the tendons, Replace the existing expansion joints, Rehabilitation of all mechanical damages, Rehabilitation of support zones (dilatation zones) of the girders, etc.

c) Tunnel No 206 is located on the railway line Belgrade – Bar, 2 -3 km from the station Lutovo toward Kolasin (km 367 + 480 to km 367 + 802 total length l= 322.0m.)”.

Approximate value of the project is 9,95 mln Euro (funded by EIB – EBRD).

IRD Engineering performed the functions of the Engineer according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (1st edition1999) – Yellow Book