Project Details

EU Delegation to Serbia


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Engineering Design

Feasibility Study for the Road Novi Sad – Loznica – Pozega

Serbia has an extensive transport infrastructure network which had suffered from the lack of investment and has been severally affected by war damage, resulting in destroyed or unusable components of the transport infrastructure.

The strategy of the road transport sector policy was to initially effect recovery from the years of sanctions and war. IFI investments have the general purpose to achieve improvement of the transport network in respect of technical, economic, social and environmental requirements.

The project aimed to help Serbia tackle some of these deficiencies, in particular by ascertaining the feasibility of improving the road Novi Sad – Sabac – Pozega, with alternative link to Loznica and Mali Zvornik, as a whole and/or in part. Therefore, the subject of the feasibility study is the M21 from Novi Sad to Pozega via Sabac.

The specific objectives of the project were to:

  • Analyze different scenarios for improvement of the road alignment;
  • Reflect the foregoing to ensure that the Feasibility Study concentrates on the actual problems of the road taking into account future requirements;
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed project which includes a traffic forecast, an economic and financial justification of the project, an environmental impact assessment and an analysis of the proposed alignment with regard to increasing the safety of the road.