Project Details

Airport Pristina


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Consultancy Services for the Supervision of the Extension Works of Pristina Airport

The overall objective of this contract was to deliver support to the airport rehabilitation projects in Pristina by providing technical and financial control for the implementation of the rehabilitation works.

The main works contract, for a total of approx. 3.000 m2 of built surface, were:

  • Passenger terminal extension: New arrival area, rehabilitation of departure area, new security area.
  • Passenger terminal heating & air conditioning: The heating and air conditioning system were renewed for the whole airport.
  • Restaurant & snack bars: One restaurant and two bars have been reconstructed inside the airport.
  • Electrical intake station and apron illumination.

IRD Engineering administrated and supervised the works contracts, setting up the necessary organization to ensure an efficient administration of the works, and to warrant a timely implementation of the works and the efficient use of financial resources.