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State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads


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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Construction Supervision of Civil Works Contracts for Upgrading to Four Lanes of Ganja – Gazakh – Georgian Border Road (M2)

The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan received a loan from the EBRD to upgrade the existing 2-lane Ganja – Gazakh – Georgian Border Road (M2) to a four-lane road. The proposed upgrade to four lanes includes the construction of a new 2-lane carriageway by parallel widening adjacent to the existing road, as well as the construction of a new 4-lane road in new alignments for bypassing villages and towns.

Upgrading works include earthworks, construction of flexible pavement structures (both rehabilitation of existing pavement and construction of new pavement) and drainage systems (including culverts) and appurtenant structures, construction of bridges, interchanges, and underpasses for vehicles, pedestrians and animals; and installation of road furniture and road markings.

A team of engineers from IRD Engineering assisted the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads in the administration of the Bank-funded works contracts carrying out the duties of the Engineer as defined in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction for Works designed by the Employer (FIDIC MDB 2010).