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State Road Administration


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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Construction Supervision of 2 Civil Works Contracts for the Rehabilitation of Road M2 Chisinau – Soroca Km 71+194 – Km 116+000

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of the Moldova (GoM) had entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact for Millennium Challenge Account assistance to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in Moldova in the amount of $262 Million USD (the “MCC Funding”). The Compact applied a part of this fund for the Road Rehabilitation Project (“RRP”) – the rehabilitation of the M2 arterial road linking the capital of Chisinau with the border of the Ukraine.

The project related to the Supervision of Works for the following two contract packages:

  • Lot 1: Contract PP3/RRP/W/CB/01/01: “Rehabilitation of M2 Chisinau-Soroca road km 71+194 – km 95+400”
  • Lot 2: Contract PP3/RRP/W/CB/01/02: “Rehabilitation of M2 Chisinau-Soroca road km 95+400- km 116+000”

For a total length of approx. 45 Km

The works consisted of:

  • Repairs and reconstruction of the existing road pavement including cold in-place recycling and the application of wearing course of asphalt concrete;
  • Rehabilitation of existing and construction of new bridges;
  • Re-establishment of adequate drainage;
  • Road signs and markings;
  • Rehabilitation of road bridges;
  • Construction of one Railway Bridge;

The Project also included works for traffic safety features, environmental and social mitigation measures.

IRD Engineering provided all services and carried out the duties of “The Engineer” in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction (1st Edition 1999).