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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Construction Supervision for Hajigabul Bahramtepe Section and Kur River Bridge of the Hajigabul Horadiz Road and Connecting Roads

The Government of Azerbaijan received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA) and applied a part of this loan for the consulting services for construction supervision of civil works activities under the “Azerbaijan Highway II Project Second Additional Financing”. The Project was also co-financed by the Government of Azerbaijan (construction value approx. 230M EUR).

The Overall Objectives of the Project were:

  • To improve 112.5 km of the Haijgabul- Bahramtepe section of the M6 Haijgabul-Horadiz road and the rehabilitation of approximately 200 km of local roads connecting neighboring villages;
  • To boost the national and regional economy, supporting the trade of goods with neighbor countries and creating temporary and permanent employment;
  • To advance with the introduction of international standards in the transport sector of Azerbaijan.

The works were divided into three separate Civil Works Contracts:

  1. The first contract covered the rehabilitation of 2 lanes with total length of 40.5 km between Km 00+000 – 40 + 500.
  2. The second contract covered the rehabilitation of 2 lanes in the length of 72.05 km between km 40 + 500– km 112+550.
  3. The third contract covered the construction new bridge over Kur River.

IRD Engineering provided all Construction Supervision Services on the Works Contract on behalf of the Contracting Authority/Employer, performing the functions of the “Engineer” under the FIDIC condition of Contract (Harmonized Version MDBH 2006).