Project Details

Delegation of the European Union to Albania


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Capacity Building for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Management Skills Development in the Albanian Transport Sector

This Technical Assistance focused on building capacities at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MoIE) and at the Albanian Road Authority necessary to implement the objectives of  the National Transport Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020 in relation to the preparation, implementation and monitoring of PPP schemes on roads. Such schemes are expected to be used for the completion of a comprehensive road network and to support the operation and maintenance of the network in a safe, sustainable and competitive manner. The activities are aligned with the specifics tasks foreseen within the Priority Action 4 for Road Transport in the Transport Strategy.

Among other activities, our team of international and local consultants designed and conducted a very detailed training program on the preparation and management of concession contracts. Besides, a pipeline of road projects to be potentially implemented under PPP schemes was identified and agreed.