Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Blast Vulnerability Assessment and Design of the Retrofit of an International Organization’s Premises in Algeria2020-01-15T23:24:52+01:00
Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the E-60 Highway Section from Natakhtari to Rustavi (Tbilisi Bypass)2020-01-15T15:47:37+01:00
North – South Corridor Investment Program: Construction Supervision of Tranche 3 (Talin – Lanjik Road Section) and Feasibility Study, Preliminary Design and Detailed Design of Tranche 42020-01-15T15:34:03+01:00
Preparation of Design for the ‘Upgrade, Construction of a Second Track and Construction of a New Double-track Line on Sub-sections of the Railway Line Section Hrvatski Leskovac – Karlovac’2020-01-17T16:45:26+01:00
Preparation of Preliminary Studies and Designs for Improvement of the Road on SEETO Route 2a: Lasva – Jajce – Ugar (IEBL) – Banja Luka – Banja Luka Bypass2020-01-15T00:25:15+01:00