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Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Works for the Rehabilitation of Kiev – Chop M06 Highway

The project concerned the road rehabilitation works on the M06 road Kiev-Chop, situated south-west and east of Lviv, between the towns of Brody and Striy.

The works included the rehabilitation of two sections (total 180 Km long) and included also repair of carriageway and change of fencing to improve traffic safety of a total of 54 bridges and over bridges, roads, retaining walls, landslip stabilization, drainage and ancillary works.

The works contracts were:

  1. Rehabilitation of the M06 between km 441+000 and km 621+500: Including construction of adequate roadside drainage ditches to protect the road sub-grade and the embankment construction, repair of buttressed retaining walls and strengthening of shoulders with asphalt-concrete and repair structures.
  2. Construction of new Derevach Bypass (km 565-568): The purpose of the new bypass was to avoid Derevach village, where residential areas were located close to the roadside, corners were tight and an existing section on the embankment immediately south of the village, was subject to subsidence. The new road is 2.90 km long and includes bridges and embankments.

Total value of works: € 107 million.

IRD Engineering performed all activities of the role of “The Engineer” according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract.