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Delegation of the European Union to Albania


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Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Vlora Waterfront Project Construction Works – Phase 1

Vlora is located in the southern coast of Albanian and its port is the second of the country as importance for freight and passengers. The economy of the city and of its surrounding territory has been based for many years mainly on the fishing industry and maritime transport. Recently the tourism sector has drastically increased its importance because of the remarkable beauty of the territory and in particular of the Vlora bay.

In compliance with the general program for the development of the transport sector of the country, the EC has financed road construction project for the citizen by-pass, in order to definitively relocate the national and international traffic components from the urban environment to the surrounding of the city.

At the same time, the ADF (Albanian Development Fund) has promoted the urban development of the city through an international architectural contest, directed to redesign the Vlora waterfront promenade, the coastal roads and neighboring spaces and to upgrade such part to the city for the fruition of its own citizen, tourists, and commercial activities.

The works contract included the construction of a road section of about 4 km and its adjacent promenade along the coast line from Skele until Road Tunnel in Vlora. This consisted of public squares, parking areas, parks, concrete structures for supporting and protection of the road and promenade, drainage and irrigation networks, Electrical lights system for road, promenade and public squares as well as provision of the related urban furniture.

IRD Engineering took the role of the Supervisor according to PRAG Conditions for Works Contracts financed by the European Union, administering and managing the works contract in compliance with the Conditions of Contract and with the Albanian legislation.