Project Details

Ministry of Industry and Technology (MolT)


Practice Area:
Building and Architecture

Project Management and Works Supervision

Supervision of Construction of Bingol Development Centre

The operation “Bingöl Enterprise Development Centre (ISGEM)” was aimed at facilitating the establishment and operationalization of the ISGEM in Bingöl.

The construction supervision of the following buildings was carried out:

  • A1 Block: 6 workshops, Single storey (basement and ground floor),
  • A2 Block: 6 workshops, Single storey (ground floor)
  • B Block: 4 workshops, two storey
  • C Block: 6 workshops, single storey (ground floor)
  • D Block: Administrative Building, Two storey (basement + ground floor + first floor)
  • Electrical Building

IRD Engineering provided Supervision of Works according to PRAG Conditions of Contract.