Project Details

Agency for State Roads (ASR)

North Macedonia

Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Regional and Local Roads Project – Assistance to the Agency for State Roads in the Implementation of the New Law on Roads

IRD Engineering assisted the Agency for State Roads (ASR) for the implementation of the new Law on Public Roads:

  • Assessment of proposed organizational structure of ASR and recommendations for any necessary changes;
  • Capacity-building to enable ASR to adopt and implement its new structure, and adapt to absorb and manage the responsibilities previously undertaken by Makedonijapat and which have now been transferred to ASR;
  • Re-categorization of the road network to meet the requirements of the new Law on Public Roads;
  • Procurement and implementation of a road database and systems to support the new administrative and road management requirements of ASR;
  • Assisting the development of a road management capability within ASR;
  • Assist ASR to implement road maintenance by contract;
  • Assist ASR to implement new arrangements for toll-collection;
  • Assist ASR to introduce technical audits.

Another key requirement was represented by training the staff in order to strengthen its capacity to operate in a competent and efficient manner.