Project Details

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board


Practice Area:
Water and Municipal Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Project Management Design and Supervision Consultancy Service for Melamchi Water Supply Project

This scheme is considered to be the most viable long-term alternative to ease the chronic water shortage situation within the Kathmandu Valley.

In its first phase, the project envisages the diversion of Melamchi River waters to the Kathmandu valley by the construction of diversion weir, associated intake works, and a 26.5 Km long diversion tunnel.

The second phase of the project involves tapping waters from River Yangri and Larki, which again includes the construction of a tunnel.

The first phase allows the transfer of 170 MLD of water, whereas the second phase will facilitate an additional 340 MLD through the tunnel.

The objective of the engineering contract is to provide project management support, design and supervision services, environmental experts, social development experts, contract management experts and other technical experts relevant to the assignment and to proactively provide all kinds of professional input and advice to the Melamchi Water Supply Development Board in all the phases of the subprojects, by ensuring technically sound designs, a high quality construction, health, safety and environmental management to international standards, and a sound and transparent project execution.