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European Investment Bank (EIB) Project’s Directorate


Practice Area:
Building and Architecture

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Innovation and Competitiveness Engineering Framework Agreement

A consortium of companies with IRD Engineering was selected as one of the two contractors that will implement the Innovation and Competitiveness Engineering Framework Agreement for the European Investment Bank (EIB) Project’s Directorate.

EIB’s Innovation and Competitiveness (INCO) Department provides technical advice and due diligence for the approval committees on loan operations for various education and healthcare related investments. These investments cover all kinds of education and public research buildings as well as healthcare infrastructure, such as primary care and ambulatory care facilities, general hospitals, specialty hospitals, and university hospitals.

Due to an increase in workload on the appraisal of new loan operations and on the monitoring of implementation of existing loans, the Bank decided to launch a tender to select two Service Providers that will provide technical support at various stages during the appraisal and monitoring process for loans.

A team of specialists from the partner companies will provide a wide range of consulting and engineering services, among many others, the following:

  • Conducting feasibility studies, site visits for building condition surveys, needs assessment, producing conceptual designs, and prioritising of investments;
  • Evaluating project costs, identifying construction market trends and benchmarks, and reviewing equipment costs and trends;
  • Revising project proposals for compliance with EIB’s environmental and social standards;
  • Recommending strategies for project implementation and procurement;
  • Carrying out carbon footprint calculations in accordance with the EIB’s methodology;
  • Performing site visits to survey construction quality and health and safety aspects;
  • Reviewing implementation programmes, construction progress, construction permitting and environmental and social safeguard procedures; and
  • Preparing sector studies within the technical and engineering spheres.