Project Details

National Company “KazAutoZhol JSC”


Practice Area:
Transport Infrastructure

Project Management and Works Supervision

Construction Supervision for “Kurty – Burylbaital” Road Project Extension – Section from km 2152 to km 2214

The national company “KazAutoZhol” JSC used the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “Bank”) towards the cost of the implementation of the project for reconstruction of the Kurty – Burylbaital road section.

The Project includes the following components: i) Reconstruction of Kurty-Burylbaital road section (km 2152-2214) within the Center-South Corridor; ii) Consultancy services for construction supervision.

The Works contract to be supervised is Contract EBRD/CW-02/2017: km 2152-2214 (Kurty-Burylbaital road) Length: 62 km. The works will consist of:

  • Repairs and reconstruction of the existing road pavement including cold in-place recycling and the application of wearing course of asphalt concrete;
  • Rehabilitation of existing and construction of new road and bridges;
  • Re-establishment of adequate drainage;
  • Road signs and markings.

The Project also includes works for traffic safety features, environmental and social mitigation measures including monitoring of the resettlement plan.

IRD Engineering performed all activities of the role of “The Engineer” according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction (Multilateral Development Bank Harmonized Edition), and administered the works contract, managing any variations and claims occurred during the implementation of the project.

The Primary Objectives of the consulting services were to:

  • Review of detailed design and approve drawings for construction of the road by the civil works contract;
  • Ensure that the permanent and temporary works have been designed and are constructed in accordance with the technical specifications and standards forming part of the civil works contract with the Contractor;
  • Ensure the smooth implementation and the satisfactory completion of the Works Contracts within the allocated budget, the environmental requirements, quality standards and according to the time-scale stated in the Contract;
  • Advise the Employer on all matters concerning implementation of the civil works contract including quality control, progress of work, arbitration or litigation, certification for payments;
  • Promote technology transfer to local firms or by employment of local staff;
  • Fulfill the reporting requirements as defined by the Terms of Reference.