Derna and Bu Mansur Dams

The subject of the contract is the Supervision Works for the Rehabilitation of two Dams located in Derna city on the North Est region of Libya.
The objectives of the project are to prevent the flood risk and permit the storage water for irrigation.
The consultant has appointed to carry out the tasks prior to start construction works, including the review of the detailed design and contract documents, the supervision tasks during construction phase and the activities related to the defects liability period.
The main activities included in the project are:

  • Strenghthening and raising of the existing Derna rockfill dam, including construction of new upstream face;
  • Construction of a new overflow spillway anchored to the downstream face;
  • Consolidation grouting of the existing clay core;
  • Reconstruction of the existing morning-glory spillway and drawoff tower at Derna dam;
  • Re-shaping of the existing Derna Reservoir valley sides;
  • Construction of a new rockfill dam approximately 900m upstream of Derna dam, including alluvial grouting, asphaltic concrete upstream facing and bitumen-impregnated rip-rap downstream facing.
  • Construction of new "morning glory" shaft and tunnelled spillway at Bu Mansur dam, approximately 10Km upstream of Derna dam;
  • Reconstruction of the existing crest at Bu Mansur dam;
  • Consolidation grouting of the existing clay core and foundation at Bu Mansur dam.

Additional Info

  • Client: General Water Authority
  • Country: Libya