Subotica Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Municipal Water Utility JPK Vodovod I Kanalizacija Subotica has delivered the water and wastewater services to the water customers in Subotica and neighbouring municipalities, consisting of a total of 140,000 users.
The City of Subotica needs to overhaul its wastewater treatment plant in order to improve its treatment capacity by restoring its ecological balance and recreational values of Lake Palic where the city is located.
The existing WWTP in Subotica was commissioned in 1977 and designed to provide mechanical and biological secondary treatment and sludge dewatering. Most electrical and mechanical equipments are outdated and corroded and the treatment does not meet the local and EU wastewater discharge standards for inland water bodies.
The Municipal Infrastructure Agency of Serbia prepared a preliminary assessment of the WWTP requirements necessary to comply with the EU standards (directive 91/271/EEC).

The project has been financed through a combination of sources (EBRD / EAR and City of Subotica) and consists in the upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant, increasing its hydraulic and biological capacity and adjusting its treatment process in order to:

  • Extend its catering capacity for future 2015 loads;
  • Meet in particular the nutrient standard, for the effluent;
  • Substantially reduce or inhibit, if possible, algal growth in the Lake Palic system;
  • Minimally meet EU standards and year 2015 anticipative capacity.

The treatment of the wastewater is carried out using an activated sludge treatment with biological nitrogen removal. The treatment of excess sludge (primary and secondary) included thickening before mesophilic sludge digestion and mechanical dewatering after mesophilic sludge digestion.


Services Provided:

  • Assistance for awarding and finalization of Works Contract
  • Supervision of the construction works under European Union procedures

Additional Info

  • Client: JKP “Vodovod I kanalizacija” Subotica
  • Country: Serbia