Technical Assistance to 8 Municipalities in Serbia for the Preparation and Development of Infrastructure Master and Action Plans

The project has implemented on the base of results achieved in the first phase and having as objectives the following results:
Result 1: Increase the Organizational effectiveness and improve the efficiency and capacity to fulfil the assigned functions and deliver services to citizen in municipalities in South West of Serbia
Result 2: Establish the capacities and capabilities for the implementation of municipal sustainable development of strengthened strategies and a system for monitoring of progress
Result 3: Select and Implement Infrastructure projects based on identified socio-economic priorities for municipalities in South West Serbia
Result 4: Support inter municipal cooperation through establishing Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) and facilitating establishment of sustainable regional development partnerships.

The creation of the methodology for master/action planning process involved the following steps:

  • Review Existing Projects and Plans;
  • Create Infrastructure Inventory and Condition Database;
  • Forecast Socio-economic Development and Infrastructure Demand;
  • Define Minimum Levels of Service in Key Sectors;
  • Consultations with stakeholders;
  • Review Building Legislation;
  • Project identification;
  • Cost estimates;
  • Project Prioritization;
  • Develop Schedule of Investment Requirements.

Additional Info

  • Client: UNDP
  • Country: Serbia