Hajigabul Bahramtepe Highway, Kur River Bridge and Connecting Roads

The Government of Azerbaijan has received a loan/credit from International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA) and intends to apply a part of this loan for the consulting services for construction of civil works activities under "Azerbaijan Highway II Project Second Additional Financing". The Project is also co-financed by the Government of Azerbaijan.
The Overall Objective of the Project is:

  • To improve 112.5 km of the Haijgabul-Bahramtapa section of the M6 Haijgabul-Horadiz road and rehabilitation of approximately 200 km of local roads connecting neighbouring villages with Haijgabul-Bahramtapa road;
  • To boost the national and regional economy, supporting the swap of goods with neighbour countries and creating temporary and permanent employment;
  • To further the introduction of International standards in the transport sector of Azerbaijan and thus generally support the Country in westernizing process.

Specifically the Project includes the Supervision for the rehabilitation of Hajigabul-Bahramtapa section of the M6 Hajigabul–Horadiz road and rehabilitation of approximately 200km of local roads connecting neighboring villages with the Hajigabul-Bahramtapa road. The project would also involve rehabilitation of the major bridge over the river Kur and Construction of New Bridge over the river Kur.

Additional Info

  • Client: Azerroadservice
  • Country: Azerbaijan