Technical Assistance to railway authorities in harmonizing regulations for maintenance of railway infrastructure and rolling stock with the EU Directives

The railway sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has suffered a direct loss of nearly 1 Beuro during the war 1992-1995, which has affected in particular railway infrastructure and rolling stock.
Lack of adequate maintenance and widespread devastation, primarily the rolling stock, electric traction powering facilities and overhead contact lines, has further increased the total rate of damage in the immediate post-war period.
In order to accelerate process of separating infrastructure managers from railway undertakings, establishment of the Regulatory Board and preparations for the forthcoming opening of the railway market in B&H for railway undertakings, the Ministry of Communications and Transport of B&H has requested assistance from the EC in identifying and rectifying the gaps in compliance between the current B&H railway construction/reconstruction/maintenance regulations and those of the EU, in particular with Directives for railway interoperability and safety.
The issue requires massive and labour intensive assignment concerning drafting the regulation and compilation of the respective EU regulations.

Objective of the project:
B&H meets the EU standards in railway sector: European Standards – Transport (chapter MIPD 2007-2009). Railway regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina harmonized with the relevant EU Directives on safety and interoperability.

The purpose of this assignment was to facilitate implementation of the BiH Law on Railways through application of the EU Directives on interoperability and safety. This has been achieved through drafting the railway regulations concerning maintenance, reconstruction and construction of the railway infrastructure, as well as maintenance of the rolling stock, in accordance with the contemporary technical standards and specifications, in particular with the relevant EU directives concerning safety and interoperability. In particular, the BiH Railway Regulatory Body have benefit from this assistance, but also the BIH Railways Public Corporation and the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport.

Additional Info

  • Client: Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina