Technical assistance for strengthening the capacities of Ministry of Transport IPA Unit and end-recipients

Turkish transport sector is benefiting from the EU Pre-Accession financial cooperation of funds within the transport operational program for the construction and rehabilitation of important road and railway infrastructures in Turkey.
Due the lack of experience in managing EU funds, the IPA Unit within the Ministry of Transport needs to improve the necessary administrative technical and human resources capacity in order to ensure successful implementation of the Transport Operational Program and to increase the operating systems for the optimization of the revenue resources.
The main objectives to be achieved by the assignment are:

  • Training for the Capacity Building of human resources;
    • Training to enhance the technical and managerial capacity of human resources in the target groups including but not limited to financial, environmental, design, administrative and procedural aspects;
    • Training to establish and sustain institutional capacity at the IPA Unit including but not limited to optimization of all relevant processes, project cycle, monitoring, evaluation and control.
  • Technical Assistance Activities specific to IPA Unit: Consists in a comprehensive consultancy support to enable the IPA Unit to carry out its functions and assigned tasks under the IPA Implementing Regulation covering the following areas:
    • Programming;
    • Tendering;
    • Contract Management;
    • Financial Management;
    • Monitoring and Evaluation;
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Additional Info

  • Client: Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU)
  • Country: Turkey