Batrovci Border Crossing Infrastructure Facilities

The specific objective of this contract is to assist the Government of Serbia in preparing and implementing an infrastructure project for the upgrading of the border crossing point at Batrovci (border with Croatia), in full accordance with the strategies and the standards of the EU Commission.

The works project, for which consulting services are required, consists of the assisting and supervising of the construction of the upgrading of the border crossing facility at Batrovci on the Serbian – Croatian border on the Trans-European Corridor X. The project consists of the supervision of two types of works:

1. Civil Engineering Works;
2. Construction of Buildings inclusive of all technical installations.

Results achieved by the Consultant:

  • Organisation, carrying out and successful completion of the Design Review;
  • Organisation and implementation of the works tender procedure;
  • FIDIC Supervision of construction works

The Civil Engineering Works includes: Preparation works; Earthworks; Pavement structure; Other works; Water Engineering; Traffic Engineering; Public Utilities Works; Environment Protection and Landscaping.
The services of the Consultant for the present contract cover three different stages of the project i.e.: design and tender, construction and post-construction stage.