Administration for enforcement of Criminal Sanctions Nis and Krusevac

The project consists in the reconstruction reconstruction of the security fence in the Prison of Nis and construction of the housing units in the Juvenile detention facility of Krusevac.
The works are implemented through two separate works contract (Nis and Krusevac).

  • Nis - correctional institution: Construction of a new security fence in the prison of Nis in order to improve the existing security capacities.
  • Krusevac – Juvenile detention capacity: Construction of the housing units within the facility.

The project consists of Architectural / Building works, which will be implemented in the course of the contract, inclusive of all technical installations.

Particular attention will be paid in the selection of energy and cost efficient construction materials.

Additional Info

  • Client: EC Delegation in the Republic of Serbia
  • Country: Serbia