Works in the Historical Heritage Sites Location – Shkoder, Elbasan, Korca and Berat

The project is financed under IPA 2009 Program for Albania and consists in the provision of supervision for restoration and construction works aiming to valorization of urban areas around Albanian historical sites in the municipalities of Shkodra, Elbasan, Korca and Berat.
The works to be supervised include the following activities:


  • Upgrade of the street of 'Kardinal Koliqi' extending from Dugajet e Reja to the cathedral in Shkodra: The rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the street including water and sewage, lighting and facades and make it an important road not only in terms of the historical memory but also encouraging business.
  • Upgrade of Via Egnatia road inside the castle of Elbasan and sheltering of discoveries close to the castle (the mosaic of 4th century AD): The intervention aims at the restoration of the Roman Via Egnatia road passing through the castle as one of the more important trade roads linking Roman Empire with the East. The protection of the mosaic outside the castle is an additional but important complementary work.
  • Renovation of the streets and lighting of the Old Bazaar in Korca: The proposed intervention covers the whole Bazaar including water and sewage, the square and road, lighting and facades.
  • Upgrade of the streets, water supply, sewage, lighting, tourist information centre and minor infrastructure works in and around the castle in Berat: The activities includes the restoration of almost the whole infrastructure as an important element to avoid further deterioration of the site and provide better services to visitors and population living there. The proposed intervention is limited to the castle as the centre of an historical agglomeration including also the two neighbourhoods laid on the foot of the castle hill and distinguished from the characteristic architecture of the houses that has been so far well preserved

The nature of Consultant's services is to provide qualified and professional technical assistance to the Contracting Authority:

  • Acting as the Supervisor according to the General Conditions for Works Contracts Financed by the European Union for the implementation of the works contract included in the Project;
  • Contract administration and works supervision in compliance with the Conditions of Contract for the concerned works contract;
  • Project management and administration, quantity and quality assurance, commissioning and taking over in strict compliance with Practical Guide to Contract procedures for EU external actions (PRAG) and relevant Albanian legislation;
  • Technical and financial reporting to the Contracting Authority and the Beneficiary;
  • Technical and contractual support during the Defect Liability Period for each area included in the project;
  • To scrutinize and agree draft Final Statement of Account and Final Statement of Account and to provide other relevant technical and contractual support to the Contracting Authority during and after the Defect Liability Period.

Additional Info

  • Client: European Delegation to Albania
  • Country: Albania