Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:38

IRD Engineering has been awarded a new contract for Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design for Construction of Batumi Bypass - Sarpi section of International E-70 Road

IRD Engineering is part of the consortium of Italian companies that was selected by the Road Department of Georgia for thre preparation Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Detialed Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan and Bidding Documents for Construction of Batumi Bypass-Sarpi section of International E-70 Road, connecting the Turkish Border with the new Batumi Bypass, currently under design.

The new highway section will be part of the European Route E-70, connecting the city of La Coruña with Poti Port, and will be connected also with the E-60 European Route, crossing the whole Caucasus to the Armenian Border and the Baku Port. The project will be financed by Asian Development Bank, and will involve the study of different alternatives for the construction of the new 4-lane highway section and preparation of the detailed engineering design for the selected alternative both for road alignment and related structures.