Tuesday, 24 October 2017 10:19

IRD Engineering has been awarded two new contracts for educational facilities in Kosovo

IRD Engineering has been selected by the European Union Liaison Office in Kosovo (EULO) for design and supervision of construction of two new educational facilities in Kosovo.

One of the contract foresees the Supervision of the High School Centre's construction in Grańćanica, to host all the high school students of the municipality. The building will have a total surface of 6,700 square meters, and will include 26 classrooms, 11 multi-disciplinary laboratories and 1 gym-hall.

The second contract involves the design and supervision assistance for construction of a kindergarten in the Kalabria neighbourhood in Phristina, with an approximate capacity of 220 children. The building will have a total surface of 2,200 square meters and will be designed according to the best international standards for energy efficiency. Additionally, the 3,000 square meters of the plot and the corresponding external spaces will be design to achieve the best possible integration with the building.