IRD Engineering has been awarded a new contract for Supervision of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Works for 7,5 km of Urban Roads in the city of Plovdiv. Project will be funded by EBRD and the Works will be carried out under FIDIC Red Book Conditions of Contract.
IRD Engineering has been awarded a new contract for Project Results Monitoring & Evaluation of the Second Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (SRMIDP). The project is funded by World Bank, and involves more than 50 mln US$ investment for construction of municipal infrastructures, including: local roads, flood protection, drainage works, water and sanitation systems, wastewater treatment, street lighting, parks, municipal markets, kindergartens and community facilities.
IRD Engineering is currently expanding in the security engineering sector, being performing several new projects for construction and installation of facilities for protection of civil, industrial, and military plants, the latest of which is located in Middle East. Main activities involve design and supervision of construction/installation of active-passive protection facilities and equipments, built according to the best international standard in the field, including, among the others, standards of the US DoS (United States Department of Defense). 
IRD Engineering has been awarded a contract for Supervision of the refurbishment of Mitrovica Bridge. The project will be financed by European Union Liaison Office (EULO) in Kosovo under the IPA2015 program, and will involve the structural and architectonical refurbishment of the bridge linking the two municipalities of North and South Mitrovica.