On the 11th of September 2016 an official ceremony has been held to celebrate the opening of the Prnjavor-Doboj section of Banja Luka - Doboj Motorway. The Construction Works of the 36,6 km section, which has been financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has been supervised by a JV lead by IRD Engineering, and has involved the construction of several structures, including tunnel and bridges. The opening ceremony has been officiated by the President of the Republic of…
IRD Engineering has signed the contract for provision of Technical Assistance for Supervision and Management of FIDIC type Civil Works Contract and training of the client personnel to work under FIDIC procedures in the framework of the project for the Construction of the main sewerage collector in Mogilev Town. The project is funded by WB and will involve the construction under FIDIC Conditions of Contract of a new 3km sewerage collector with a total capacity of 160,000 cube meters/day.
ANSA News agency has published on its on-line portal an article regarding the refurbishment works of Mitrovica bridge, for which IRD Engineering is acting as the Supervisor on behalf of the European Union Liaison Office in Kosovo.
IRD Engineering has signed a contract to provide the consultancy services for Supervision of 4 Laning of the M4 Baku-Shamakhi-Muganli Road, from km 15 to km 45. The project is financed by IBRD and will involve widening and pavement rehabilitation/reconstruction of an approx. 30 km section of the M4 Road in Azerbaijan.