IT Resources

For its projects IRD Engineering adopts dedicated IT tools which fulfill the highest principles of Quality Assurance as to the traceability of documents, besides offer the great convenience of having them always available from remote.

Such shared resources allow real-time access to the relevant documents of the Project (design drawings, reports and other design documentation, tender and contract documentation, instructions and approvals, design changes, templates, standards, official exchanged communications, Site Instructions, Payment Certificates, etc.).

All relevant stakeholders are provided by IRD Engineering's webmaster of a password which allows them to access files and to transmit further project documentation. This is regulated by an access level which is assigned to each user based on his/her role in the project, thus conditioning the access to each document only to those authorized.

The Project documentation is made available through categories for an easy browsing. This way all relevant stakeholders are informed in real time of any development of the project, wherever they are.

As an example, they can monitor the development of the works through the photo-gallery ordered by weeks. All the documents are stored into secure servers and back-up copies are made regularly. An encryption system allows the safe transmission of files, just like using widespread email software.

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